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One of our biggest claims to fame is bringing Proteas (and Restios) to the mainstream UK public many years ago. In line with our specialism in plants from the Southern hemisphere, Proteas originated south of the equator, most in South Africa and Australia. This large family of exotic flowering plants generally thrive in acidic, well-drained soil with few nutrients and low phosphate levels. The changing climate and harsh winters in recent years have made life more difficult for these sun loving plants, accustomed to warmer climes, and has led us to specialise in only small quantities of the most tolerant, hardy varieties – that can withstand conditions up to -5°C.

DID YOU KNOW? With many years’ experience growing these wonderful plants we have formulated our own Trevena Cross Protea fertiliser, especially blended to provide these plants with exactly what they need…and to help you get the best results from them!