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Yucca elephantipes

Yucca elephantipes

Beautiful, imposing Yucca

A beautiful Yucca that forms a tree (height & spread to 10m/30ft after many years) with upright cream-white flower panicles in late summer. In most situations it is probably best suited to a conservatory position although they may be alright in very sheltered gardens, as are able to withstand a little frost. In such cases they should be planted in a very well-drained soil with added grit, and be positioned in full sun. It is also important to keep it as dry as possible in winter, and protect it from frosts by covering in fleece or bracken. Alternatively, as previously mentioned, a cool conservatory in winter is ideal, with as much light as possible. It should be watered well in the spring and the summer – and more sparingly in the winter.

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