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Butia capitata

Butia capitata

Also known as the Jelly Palm

Butia Capitata or the Jelly Palm is a slow-growing, eye catching ornamental palm with attractive, graceful arching branches of grey-green fronds up to 2m/6.5ft in length. It produces yellow flowers in the summer, and should reach heights up to 4m/13ft. It does best positioned in a sunny spot, in a well drained soil. A lovely lawn specimen in a sheltered, inland garden or in a large pot/container, where it will continue to do well year on year. 

Withstanding temperatures down to -10oC, but only once mature, it should be protected from severe frosts. The easiest way is to pull all the leaves together, tie them up and wrap some fleece around, protecting the centre. Another way is to cover it in a wigwam of canvas, fleece or polythene. It will add real impact to any garden landscape, although wouldn't be so highly recommended for a coastal position like our other palms, (e.g. Chamaerops Humilis), as it will take a greater battering by the harsh salt winds.

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