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Chamaerops humilis - Small

Chamaerops humilis - Small

For that classic Mediterranean look

Easily transportable and great for small gardens.

A tough, evergreen palm, which forms a rounded clump of exotic foliage and has that classic Mediterranean look. Height eventually up to 2m/6.5ft, spread 1-2m/3.3-6.9ft, but is fairly slow growing. It is hardy to -12oC, possibly lower, and withstands salt winds making it one of the best palms for coastal gardens anywhere. It would get a bit burnt after a winter near the Lizard or Land’s end in Cornwall but would still survive. In Spain they virtually grow on the beach!

They can be planted in a very free draining soil in an open, sunny position or be grown in large pots - ensure to feed well with a slow release fertiliser like Trevena Cross Fertiliser. It’s a very versatile palm and makes an excellent specimen in a pot in a seaside or inland garden. It is probably the toughest, hardiest palm there is for coastal gardens.

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