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Euonymus Micro. (3ltr) 1-9 PL.

Euonymus Micro. (3ltr) 1-9 PL.

A Boxleaf Euonymus...for a great box hedge

See the discounted rate for quantities above this - also in the online shop.

The evergreen, dark green leaves on this densely bushy, rounded shrub - Euonymus japonicus Microphyllus - provide a great low screen or box hedge when plants are positioned next to each other.

Low maintenance, with a compact growth habit, this variety will reach only a maximum of 1m/3.3ft tall and wide eventually, spreading right to ground level. It is well suited to trimming to a desirable shape, making maintenance very easy indeed. Variegated gold leaf highlights and small greenish-white flowers in early summer offer added interest.

Hardier than some Euonymus varieties it is an excellent option for hedging, or in and around borders. It grows well in shady areas (or in sun), in a fertile well drained soil, but is also tolerant of a coastal position where salt spray and poorer soils are common. It should be watered regularly particularly whilst establishing, and in warmer temperatures — it prefers moist conditions but definitely not waterlogged/swamp-like. It’s close relative, Euonymus japonicus can also be found on our ‘coastal bench’.

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