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Olearia traversii (2ltr)

Olearia traversii (2ltr)

Buy in bulk to create a fantastic hedge...

Olearia traversii is a tough, quick growing, upright evergreen shrub, and ideal as a hedging plant when used in multiples. It displays glossy green leaves, which are silvery-white on the undersides, creating a lovely two-tone effect. Inconspicuous daisy-like flowers bloom on panicles in early summer.

It particularly makes a great coastal hedge, due to its tolerance of salt winds and dry, sandy soils. It can grow up to 5-10m/15-30ft tall in the right conditions, but can be pruned to a desired size.

Plant around 40-60cm / 18inches-2ft apart from one another or further if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for a solid hedge to form. A hardy, coastal variety that enjoys full sun where possible, and a free draining soil. Pruning back at planting will help encourage strong root growth. 

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