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Elae. macro. (5ltr)10-49 PLANTS

Elae. macro. (5ltr)10-49 PLANTS


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An evergreen, hardy, salt-wind tolerant hedging plant, well suited to coastal conditions like all of our Elaeagnus (and other) hedging plants. It produces fragrant, creamy white flowers in autumn, followed by small edible fruits in spring (April/May). Most noteworthy, and unlike the standard Elaeagnus x ebbingei, it does not require a pollinator such as Elaeagnus Limelight to be positioned close-by as its flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs). It can be naturally pollinated by bees as the season progresses. It also has smaller leaves than the standard Elaeagnus. From our experience it seems to fruit best in full sun on poor soils. It's fruits are vitamin and mineral rich and offer huge potential in a forest garden or similar, where their early ripening properties (in spring rather than summer) is unusual. 

If fed with a good slow release fertiliser like Trevena Cross Nurseries own fertiliser, it will grow up to 3m x 3m (9ft x 9ft), though it is very tolerant of regular trimming and can easily be cut back to a desired height/shape. 

Plants should be positioned 60-90cm / 2-3ft apart from one another - although they can be planted further apart if they’re bigger, or you don’t mind waiting longer for a solid hedge.

It will grow well in any well drained soil, even poor, dry soils, as it is particularly drought tolerant, and can be positioned in anything from full sun to heavy shade.

Elaeagnus is a nitrogen fixer taking nitrogen from the air and putting it back into the soil to feed other plants nearby, which is great news for the garden. It is a hardy, evergreen variety, perfect for coastal locations.

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