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Lettuce Plants

Lettuce Plants

A wide variety of crisp, colourful lettuces

Bicolour Oakleaf Lettuce Flashy Butter Oak - a newer variety, very large and a vigorous grower
Butterhead Lettuce Grandpa Admire's - a very attractive bicolour butterhead lettuce, tender and delicious
Butterhead Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons - a hardy, semi-hearting lettuce with excellent tasting green-red leaves
Lettuce Australian Yellowleaf
- a very large open headed lettuce with bright green-yellow, frilled leaves. Just a few of these will keep you in salads for a very long time!
Lettuce Charita - curly green, tasty leaves produced year round
Lettuce Clarion - a popular mildew resistant variety with thick mid to dark green leaves
Lettuce Devil's Tongue - a new, large lettuce with wonderful purple oval leaves
Lettuce Little Gem - one of the sweetest types there is, with green crisp, fleshy hearts
Lettuce Really Red
Lettuce Nymans Cherry Red - a tasty cherry red lettuce
Lettuce Red Iceberg - an excellent iceberg with crisp sweet heads of green/red leaves
Lettuce Rivale - a red little gem lettuce with dark red outer leaves, leading to attractive green hearts
Oakleaf Lettuce Bronze Arrowhead - tasty great bronze coloured leaves, flushed red-purple
Red Crisp-head Lettuce Cardinale - crispy, juicy and crunchy - what more could you want from a lettuce?!

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