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Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry Bushes

A wonderful superfood with lots of anti-oxidants

We have a wide variety of blueberry soft fruit bushes available at Trevena Cross Nurseries - a wonderful superfood with high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents (as well as a fantastic taste!) Need say no more!

Although many blueberries are self-pollinating, for the most abundant, high quality fruits, it is best to plant more than one variety for cross pollination and reliable cropping.  

Varieties we stock include:

Earliblue - an early variety (ripens at the beginning of July), with large, light blue and sweetly flavoured berries, gathered in medium sized clusters.

Blue Pearl - its compact habit makes this variety perfect for growing on patios or in small spaces. Heavy cropping (in July/August) the fruits aren't compromised by its growing habit!

Bluecrop - mid-season variety. Resistant to spring frosts and drought, it is very productive, with large firm berries gathered in clusters.  

Chandler - produces a well branched upright bush with a high and reliable yield. Exceptionally large, attractive, firm berries wih good flavour. This variety has a long ripening period (early Aug - Sept).

Brigitta - a late season variety (ripening towards the end of August), its berries are large, firm and gathered in loose clusters. Very tasty and richly favoured with a crisp texture

Pink Lemonade - as the name implies, delightful sweet deep pink blueberries are produced on this mid-late season variety. With mild flavour and firm flesh, they are one to try for something a little out of the ordinary

Pink Champagne - with a lighter pink hue than 'Pink Lemonade', the frosty pink berries on this variety offer good flavour and a firm texture. Great ornamental as well as edible plant.

Please check availability before making a special journey

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