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Trevena Cross

Camellias Visit the store for full range

This popular winter and spring flowering shrub brings colour when little else is in bloom. They are woodland plants that grow best in shelter and light shade.

Camellias make lovely container grown plants. They are ‘acid loving’ (lime hating) and should be planted in an ericaceous, free draining compost or soil, ideally with a pH of 4.5 — 6.0 or pH 7.0 (neutral) with careful application of Iron Sulphide twice a year. The addition of organic matter such as leaf mould when planting will also give them a kick-start.

Rainwater is ideal for watering camellias - favoured over calcium-rich tap water. Acidic fertilisers can be used to feed the camellia each season — organic fertiliser like fish blood & bone or seaweed is also useful.