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Trevena Cross

Azaleas Visit the store for full range

Often grouped with their very close relative, Rhododendrons, Azaleas can be deciduous or evergreen. Able to combine beautiful colour with a lovely fragrance, they are a popular garden pleasure! Fairly small, but frequently fragrant funnel shaped flowers adorn the Azalea in spring or early summer, while deciduous Azaleas also provide fabulous autumn colour.

They are ‘acid loving’ (lime hating) and should be planted in an ericaceous, free draining compost or soil, ideally with a pH of 4.5 — 6.0 or pH 7.0 (neutral) with careful application Iron Sulphide twice a year.

A great one for pots and containers if your garden soil is of a pH above 7.0 - or a great focal point in pots even if your soil pH is suitable. They like a sunny or partially shady position.