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Conifers & Heathers

Trevena Cross

Conifers & Heathers Visit the store for full range

Conifers bring year round colour and structure to the garden, and with the majority evergreen, are a valuable asset, providing interest when other plants sit dormant. There are hundreds of different varieties, each bringing their own shape, colour and character to a space. With different growing rates and varying height and spread, it’s important to consider which ones are best suited to your garden.

Heathers too, provide year round colour, are hardy and easy to grow. Some varieties prefer acidic soil (ideally pH 6.5 or below) where as others will grow in most soil types. Knowing the pH of your soil will therefore help guide your heather choices.

Best planted in a bed dedicated to them, a carpet of heathers offset by a couple of conifers can create a real long term wow factor!