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Callistemon Rose Opal

Callistemon Rose Opal

Bottlebrush type flowers...

An evergreen shrub form Australia producing arching branches and striking crimson 'bottle brush' type flowers. Broad lance shaped leaves and silky pinkish red new shoots make this plant all the more attractive. Height and spread is usually 1.5-1.8m/4.9-5.9ft - more compact form than splendens. Best grown in a neutral to acid, fertile soil in full sun. It will tolerate some coastal exposure, and should be protected from very severe frost.

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Callistemon Hot Pink

Callistemon speciosus
An evergreen Australian shrub with 15cm long deep red bottlebrush type flowers which are produced in the summer. . Hardy to about -6 degrees. Grows best in a well-drained soil in a sunny position. Also makes a very good tub plant!

Callistemon splendens
An evergreen shrub from Australia with distinctive crimson 'bottle brush' type flowers in spring and summer. Grows best in neutral to acid fertile soil in full sun. Will tolerate coastal exposure but should be protected from very severe frost.

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