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Metrosideros carminea

Metrosideros carminea

Deep green leaves and spectacular crimson flowers

A spreading or climbing variety of Metrosideros from New Zealand with deep green rounded leaves and an abundance of crimson flowers in spring making a spectacular sight. Best grown in semi shade in good moisture retentive soil in full sun. In coastal and other mild areas it should be planted in the garden, but in other areas makes a stunning conservatory plant in a large pot! Is hardy Hardy to -4oC. when established.

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Metrosideros umbellata

Metrosideros Moonlight

Metrosideros Excelsa / Excelsa Tomentosa
Erect freely branching tree wth oblong semi-glossy leaves, white felted underneath. Small trumpet shaped flowers, covered in red stamens in early summer are truly beautiful. It grows best in well drained neutral to acid soil in full sun, and withstands salt laden winds very well.

Metrosideros Lucida

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