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Coastal Plants

Trevena Cross

Coastal Plants Visit the store for full range

We have one of the best ranges of coastal plants in the south west, and naturally, get asked lots of questions about coastal planting, and the plants that will tolerate poor, sandy, free draining soils - as well as the wind and salt laden conditions, often found on the coast. Check out our top Cornish Coastal Planting Tips here! Or have a look at our online Coastal Gardening Guide (also available to pick up in the shop!)

We are pleased to be able to offer you a lot of choice when selecting plants for your coastal garden, and to make the selection a little easier, have developed a star system to guide you, dependent on ‘how coastal’ your garden is.
One Star * - These plants will grow anywhere except in very sandy conditions (e.g. dunes). They are wind tolerant and are able to withstand salt.
Two Stars** - Suited to locations set further back from the sea, these plants are slightly less salt tolerant.