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Bee Friendly Plants

Trevena Cross

Bee Friendly Plants Visit the store for full range

Thankfully, a growing number of us are keen to support wildlife in the garden, and are specifically seeking plants that will encourage bees and butterflies to feed on their nectar and pollen rich flowers. We are due an 'about-turn' on the well documented decline in bee numbers over recent years, with renewed support for these vital pollinators, on which the cropping of our fruit and veg relies. Read our 'Bee & Butterfly Friendly Guide' now!

Try and spare a thought for our little friends when you’re next deciding how to fill a spot in the garden. Bee and butterfly loving plants include Buddleja, Callicarpa, Ceanothus, Cotoneaster, Daphne, Delphiniums, Echinacea, Escallonia, Heathers, Hebes, Honeysuckles, Kolkwitzia, Lavender, Leptospermums, Leucanthemums, Leycesteria, Lupins, Prostanthera, Pyracantha, Rosemary, Rudbeckia, Sambucus, Sedum, Skimmia, Syringa, Verbena Boriensis, Borage and Viburnums. - Generally speaking, the darker the flowers, the more attractive they are to bees and insects.