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Sarcococca ruscifolia

Sarcococca ruscifolia

A shrub with clusters of fragrant white flowers

A dense, frost hardy, bushy shrub (max height and spread 1m/3.3ft) with arching stems of glossy dark green leaves and clusters of very fragrant, creamy white flowers in winter (January-February) followed by dark red fruit in March.  It should be planted in a well drained soil in a partially shady position, or in the sun if the roots are kept consistently moist.

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Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna
A compact suckering shrub (max height 1.5m/4.9ft, max spread 2m/6.5ft) with narrow, glossy dark green leaves and clusters of fragrant white flowers in winter, (January-February) followed by black or blue-black fruit in March. It should be positioned in partial shade for the best results, in a well drained soil.

Sarcococca orientalis
Also known as the Christmas Box or Sweet Box, this plant was discovered in China as recently as 1980 by Roy Lancaster, this is a strong upright small shrub with stout green shoots. It produces fragrant white flowers, sometimes tinged pink, followed by black berries.

Sarcococca humilis

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