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Hypericum Magical Beauty

Hypericum Magical Beauty

Selected for its repeat flowering and colourful fruit

A lovely Hypercium variety selected for its repeat flowering and abundance of colourful ornamental fruit. From early June, this plant is covered in small, but striking, yellow flowers with long stamens. Masses of salmon pink to peach coloured berries follow in July, which eventually turn black by late autumn. The variety constantly and rapidly renews its flowers and berries so the shrub remains attractive for a long period. It also has excellent hardy, semi-evergreen leaves - and the dark green foliage is rust resistant.

It will form a well branched, compact bush around 90cm/2.9ft  high and 60-70cm/1.9-2.2ft wide, and will tolerate most soil types, preferring a sunny or part shady position. Their generous flowering and fruiting makes them ideal for small gardens or patios, and their aforementioned rust resistance reduces care to a minimum, with just a light pruning in the spring required.

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