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"Check out our gardening and plant guides"

Check out our gardening and plant guides

Garden & Plant Guides

Make gardening more enjoyable and hassle-free with these specially created Trevena Cross garden and plant guides!

We’re keen to offer any gardening tips and advice that can make gardening a successful, enjoyable experience for all of our customers!

A series of guides, offering advice, tips and guidance to growing particular types of plant or creating  a particular type of garden, have therefore been created with you in mind.

These are available in store, and have been for a while; however, recognising that it is sometimes nice to do the research before you shop, and get a planting plan together, these are now also available for you to download from the website to view, print… or make use of however you choose!

These have been produced in line with the areas we most frequently get asked questions, or receive queries, about. Of course, the series is not exhaustive by any means, and if you think there is a handy guide we've missed, that you and others would benefit from, please do let us know and we'll consider creating a guide for it!

Click here to visit the guides page.