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"Plants for spring include Lavender Grosso"

Plants for spring include Lavender Grosso

Trevena Cross Plants for the Spring

Each month we’ll bring you the plant that Graham rates number one!

With everything in the running, from the well-known old faithfuls, to brand new plant introductions, to the unexpected forgotten treasures, perhaps deserved of their time in the spotlight – Graham really is spoilt for choice.

After much deliberation, here’s Graham’s plants for spring...

We're highlighting several plants for spring as lots of new life erupts all over the place! 

Our bench of Alpines (small alpines just £2.00, 1L pots £3.50) are looking lovely… Heathers are still looking fab, and plenty more is joining them now as we kick off the main growing season.

We have a superb stock of 3ltr Lavender Grosso plants now available (4 for £20 or £6.95 each) – the best variety for growing and overwintering in Cornwall, as found by ourselves and many landscapers we regard highly in the county.

Spring bedding is also well on the way now with first packs down from the nursery (£2.99 per pack) and ready to plant out really soon as the temperature only continues to rise. Veg packs (£2.50 each) and tomato plants (£1.20 each) are also stocking the ‘grow your own’ greenhouse now so time to get busy in the edible garden too!

Oh and don't forget our lovely collection of recent exotic arrivals too... the wonderful Proteas, Leucodendrons, Leucospermums, Telopeas, Banksia etc stealing the limelight around the centre! Make great gifts - for you or someone else!

What's your plant of the moment this spring? Let us know!