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"My Garden at Trevena Cross Nurseries..."

My Garden at Trevena Cross Nurseries...

My Garden

I love my garden - and enjoy experimenting with new varieites of plant, shrub, tree... just about anything related to horticulture.

One of the growing areas that has taken off nationwide, and that I believe will become a bigger part of all our lives is 'grow your own'. I find great satisfaction in growing a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs myself, and am always keen to make new discoveries, and strive to find the best of the bunch, which I then look to share with others through the garden centre.

One day I hope to be able to share this on more of a 1:1 level with my customers and community, by introducing workshops or educational sessions up in my orchard - where I can spend time teaching others just how to get the most out of the wonderfully satisfying hobby - and way of life - that is grow your own.

Nearly every fruit and vegetable plant, bush or tree that I select to grow in the nursery, has been grown in my garden or fruit orchard before the decision is made to grow it in the nursery in bigger numbers, for subsequent sale in the garden centre.

A plant’s suitability to local conditions, the way it grows, its resistance to pests and disease and of course its taste are all important factors to consider when determining if something ‘meets the grade’, and should be a chosen variety for growing in the nursery.

Does it have the ‘X factor’?

If it doesn’t meet my exacting standards, and throw something special or unusual into the mix, it doesn’t make the cut; it isn’t introduced into the nursery, into the garden centre - or into your garden!