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"Sow vegetable seed including lettuces, leeks & radishes"

Sow vegetable seed including lettuces, leeks & radishes

"Plant summer flowering bulbs..."

Plant summer flowering bulbs...

Trevena Cross Gardening Top Tips for March

Check back here regularly for Graham’s most recently added gardening top tips!

From the (often overlooked) most basic and simple tip, to the more technical and specialist horticultural advice – you’ll find it here!

Spring is emerging, the garden is awakening, and fingers are crossed for spring weather to match!

* Manage lawn and weed growth… You can dig the lawnmower out this month and begin regular cutting again on dry days (when the ground isn’t wet or frozen). Start cutting on the highest blade setting to prevent stress on the lawn, and scan for worn or damaged areas requiring repair. Now is also the time to get on top of weeds that start to appear in all areas of the garden.

* Plant potatoes, sets & bulbs… We’re generally a few weeks ahead of the rest of the country with our sowing and planting here in Cornwall, due to milder temperatures, so if you haven’t got your early seed potatoes, garlic and onion sets planted out yet, do so now. Plant your summer flowering bulbs too.

* Divide and re-plant crowded perennials… Perennials generally need dividing and re-planting every few years – it encourages healthy growth, and of course, gives you new plants for free! Signs that it’s time to interfere include a perennial that has grown too big for its space, has lost its shape, or that flowered poorly last year. Dividing should take place while the plant is still dormant, so now is a good time.

* Prune shrubs and bushes… Improve shape and encourage new growth, blooms and fruits this coming season. Use sharp, clean tools and make clean cuts above new growth/buds. Excessively long shoots, weak or damaged growth should be a priority.

* Treat pots, beds & borders… Top dress pots and containers with fresh compost. Remove old compost and top up with new if there isn’t much room for more on top. A good mulch of compost or bark on beds and borders will also be appreciated once pruning, de-weeding and debris removal has taken place. The application of a balanced fertiliser like bonemeal root builder or fish, blood & bone feed will also benefit young, weak, damaged or heavily pruned plants in particular.

* Deadhead winter bedding… The first spring bedding will be adorning shelves at your local nursery or garden centre, (just be sure to wait until the weather is warm enough before planting out in the garden!) but if winter bedding plants are still going strong, continue deadheading to encourage blooms.

* Kick-start the grow-your-own garden… Feed fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, applying nitrogen feed to hungry trees in particular, like plums, cherries, pears, and blackcurrants. Mulch all with organic farmyard manure. It’s also a key time for strawberries – cover established plants with a cloche, plant cold-stored runners, and pollinate strawberry flowers under glass by brushing them with your hands. First tomatoes will be in the greeenhouse shortly and various veg can now also be sown outside, including lettuces, leeks, radishes, carrots and parsnips. 

Got any gardening tips you'd like to share this time of year? Let us know, and we'll share them here.