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"Specially formulated Trevena Cross Fertiliser..."

Specially formulated Trevena Cross Fertiliser...

Trevena Cross Fertiliser

When Graham noticed sad looking pot plants in gardens across Cornwall he decided to take action with Trevena Cross Fertiliser!


Graham, owner of Trevena Cross Nurseries, has understandably seen and spent time in a lot of gardens in his line of work. One thing that became apparent - and a common occurence on his travels, was that people did not have a real understanding of how to care for the plants in containers and pots on their patios. 

While gardens would often thrive and look healthy, pots would suffer and appear neglected.

It became clear that people often believed a weak dose of liquid plant feed would satisfy their pot plants for several months - when in reality this was not sufficient.

This spurred Graham to develop his own plant food that people could use just once a year to feed their pots and tubs, as well as hanging baskets, trees, shrubs, vegetables - in fact most plants in their garden!


Trevena Cross slow release General Fertiliser is highly concentrated, containing all of the nutrients and trace elements your plants need. It will feed them for a whole year, activated when the soil warms up.

It is the best fertiliser that Trevena Cross has had experience of, and we are so confident in its performance that we feed it to every plant we grow, and sell every plant potted up with it. This ensures our plants leave with you looking fresh and healthy. If you want to ensure continued success with your new plants we recommend application of the fertiliser into the planting hole when you plant out - and then top dressing annually for great results. 

Trevena Cross fertiliser tubs are available to purchase in a variety of sizes (see below).  

As well as our General Fertiliser we have also developed our own phosphate free Trevena Cross Protea Fertiliser, which can also be used on other phosphate hating plants like Restios and Camelias. This is available to purchase only in the small 500g tub (price below). 


500g - £3.95 / £4.95 (Protea Fertiliser)
1kg - £6.95
2.5kg - £16.50
5kg - £30.00
10kg - £50.00

20kg sack - £90.00