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"We produce our own Trevena Cross compost..."

We produce our own Trevena Cross compost...

Trevena Cross Compost

At Trevena Cross Nurseries, we are a firm believer that our plants need a good start in life and a smooth transition from one environment to another.

Just as plants need to acclimatise to conditions and the ‘climate’ above the ground, they need to be comfortable beneath the ground!

At Trevena Cross we produce our own soil based compost, which we use in the nursery for potting up plants.

Home Sweet Home

Our compost makes the transition from pot to garden so much smoother for a plant, as the soil of the compost is compatible with the soil in the garden and will encourage the roots of the plant to take, and the plant to settle in well in its new home.

It can be a shock to the system when a plant potted in compost, so alien from the natural soil of your garden, is then placed in your garden and expected to grow as if nothing had happened!

Did you know?

Of the very small number of plants that get returned to us because of problems with growth or plant health, nearly every one of them originates from outside Trevena Cross, as one of the minority we get from other suppliers.