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the Scenes

"Nursery colour..."

Nursery colour...

"A wide assortment of plants in our polytunnels..."

A wide assortment of plants in our polytunnels...

"An array of Trevena Cross grown Cordylines..."

An array of Trevena Cross grown Cordylines...

"A plot of nursery plants... "

A plot of nursery plants...

The Nursery

The garden centre is merely the ‘frontline’, reliant on all of the activity going on ‘behind the scenes’ in the nursery!

The nursery is the cornerstone of the business and is where many of the business values and principles stem from.

More than 90% of our stock is grown on site in the nursery - utilising decades of horticultural experience.

It is 32 acres of plant mania and is where our plants start their life and go through important stages of growth under the close care and attention of our nursery staff.

When the plants become strong and robust enough to withstand the trauma of being transported to a new environment, and to face what the elements may throw at them - normally once they have been potted into four litre pots - they are brought down to the garden centre for sale.

We do not believe in pushing stock through as quickly as possible at Trevena Cross Nurseries - if it is ready and meets a high standard of quality a plant will move on in its journey, but if it is not ready, and requires a bit more care and attention, then it will remain in the nursery until the time is right.