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"Our plants are grown for the Cornish climate..."

Our plants are grown for the Cornish climate...

Plants for the Local Climate

Which garden centre did you visit last? Did you ask them where their plants come from? We have always grown at least 80% of the plants that go out of our doors and home with our customers, in our own on-site nursery.

In many cases however, buying from your local garden centre doesn’t necessarily mean you are buying local plants.

Many plants found in local centres have never actually experienced British soil or local temperatures until just before you buy them, making them that much more vulnerable to the local climate and conditions.

Acclimatisation is key to a plant’s long-term future, and something our plants certainly have on their side – setting them up for life!

Our plants are grown because of their suitability to the local climate – if they struggle to adapt to changing conditions and aren’t sustainable for growing on and enjoying in your garden then they are cut from the mix.

A good example of this can be seen in our exotic plant selection, for which we are historically known. Several harsh British winters have forced more tender varieties to be excluded from the Trevena Cross exotic offering, leaving only the hardiest, sustainable varieties available.

Trevena Cross Nurseries really is an advocate of a ‘survival of the fittest’ approach!