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"Plants growing into their 4ltr pots in the nursery..."

Plants growing into their 4ltr pots in the nursery...

Large 'Four Litre' Shrub is Trevena Cross Standard

The average shrub for sale at most garden centres is in a three litre pot.

A fairly decent size we agree, but we prefer to go one better by offering an average of a four litre shrub to our customers.

The adjustment a plant has to make from nursery to garden can be 'stressful' enough, so why add to the stress by offering a plant more vulnerable in size and stature?...more vulnerable to the unpredictable weather patterns in the UK, day in and day out!

The mantra 'the bigger the better' really does ring true in most cases, and the robust, hardy nature of our four litre shrubs... and other plants, including a wide range of hardy perennials; is unique in a nursery and garden centre setting.

Helped along by our own nursery soil based compost mix, and own formula of Trevena Cross slow release fertiliser; with the right care, the risk our large four litre Trevena Cross plants present on transition to your garden, is largely removed. Not only that, but you'll find you're getting a lot more plant for your money. Competitively priced, we offer a much larger plant for the same, or in many cases for less money, than the competition.