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the Scenes

"Propogating in Trevena Cross Nurseries"

Propogating in Trevena Cross Nurseries

"Sowing the seeds for future growth..."

Sowing the seeds for future growth...

"Potting in the potting tunnel..."

Potting in the potting tunnel...

The Growing Process

Potting follows propogation in Trevena Cross Nurseries

We have dedicated nursery staff hidden behind the scenes, working five days a week to propogate and pot on our growing stock. Organisation of plants in the many polytunnels and outside bays is quite a juggling act, as the desired growing conditions for each and every plant are satisfied.

Graham Sykes is our lead propogator, responsible for sowing the seeds of future growth, quite literally, and then making sure the conditons for successful growth are met for many months before the plant becomes established to be potted on...and then potted on...and potted on as it grows - a job Marcel, Nursery Manager, and Gary focus much of their attention on.

We've recently had a NEW 33m x 39m tunnel (able to hold around 20,000 4ltr plants!) erected in the nursery, which will enable us to now grow at least 90% of the plant stock sold on site (the nursery currently grows around 80% of the plants sold on site). This additional tunnel will have a big impact on future growing plans, and will enable greater consistency across all plant stocks as the nursery's all be it low dependency on external suppliers for plants diminishes further still.