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"Keeping it local is keeping it personal!"

Keeping it local is keeping it personal!

How does it work?


Step 1: 
Visit Trevena Cross Nurseries and produce a list of all of the items you would like to receive from your guests. We recommend putting more rather than less on the list – it gives your guests lots of choice, and remember, not everything has to be purchased from the list. We have a huge range of items - a massive plant centre, through to incredible gifts

Step 2: 
We will review the list / go through it with you to initially clarify any items listed that may appear ambiguous; and also collect some other details from you (e.g. how you’d like to receive your gifts, your preference with regards to substitutes etc)

Step 3:
You will be given a free tea / coffee & cake voucher to enjoy in the Garden Kitchen Café 

Step 4: 
The list will be re-produced in full detail (inc. sizes, prices, colours, quantities) and sent to you for approval via email / post

Step 5: 
You may circulate the list sent to you, to wedding guests of your choosing (e.g. long-distance guests), and we will also give out copies to any of your guests that visit us to purchase a gift for you

Step 6:
We will keep a master copy of your list, marking it off as gifts are bought / become ‘unavailable’. (Note: The master copy will also be referred to when any long-distance guests/ guests unable to visit call / email to purchase a gift from the list)

Step 7:
We’ll follow your wishes with regards to substitutes, should an item on the list sell out / become unavailable before being bought by a guest. We will relay your wishes to any guests who attempt to purchase an unavailable item, and speak with them regarding re-ordering possibilities / re-acquiring the gift within the available timeframe

Step 8:
Following the purchasing deadline date, a summary of all purchases will accompany your gift delivery, on the agreed date. If you have decided that your guests should take the gifts away with them to give to you personally / on you wedding day, we will send you the summary of purchases for you to cross-check against your received gifts

Contact us to find out more and get your questions answered!



Step 1: 
Visit Trevena Cross Nurseries and ask for a copy of your bride & groom’s wedding gift list at the shop desk 

(As a long distance wedding guest, you’ll hopefully have been sent/have seen a copy of the wedding gift list. You can contact us by phone (01736 763880) or email if you’d like to see an up to date list of gift availability and/or have a chat to confirm which gift you’d like to purchase for your bride and groom)

Step 2:
With list in hand, have a look around and choose one (or more) of the gifts on the list that you would like to purchase for your bride and groom

Step 3:
Take it to the cash desk / confirm what you’d like to purchase from the list, and confirm if you’d like it gift wrapped (if applicable)

Step 4: 
Pay for your purchase(s) and then take the gift away with you (if this option has been chosen) or leave it with us to deliver to the bride and groom on their chosen date. In the latter case, complete a gift message that you would like attached to the gift

(We can take payment for long distance purchases over the phone or via a secure web link through our website. We can gift wrap your item(s) if applicable, write a gift message, and hold it/them either until an arranged pick-up or until the bride and groom’s chosen delivery date, when they will be sent to their specified delivery address)

Step 5:
In the unfortunate event that you can’t find the gift you’d like to purchase, let us know and we’ll help you look for it / check stock levels. If it turns out that we no longer have the gift in stock, we’ll confirm with you what your bride & groom would like to do in such an event i.e. whether they’d like a close substitute, or vouchers to buy something else at a later date. Alternatively, you can choose something else from the list that we do have in stock

Read our most frequently asked questions or contact us to find out more and ask any questions you'd like answered. Prefer to chat? Not a problem. Give us a call on 01736 763880 or pop in to discuss your plans, and see if we can be a part of them!