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"A gift list for the home, for the garden and for you!"

A gift list for the home, for the garden and for you!


Some useful frequently asked questions regarding Trevena Cross gifts lists, can be found below!

1. When should I create / open my gift list?
Often details of a gift list / gift arrangements are included with the wedding invitations sent out around six to eight weeks before the big day. Creating the list just before this should be fine. Creating your list much more than eight weeks in advance may mean that some products become out of stock before your guests have a chance to buy.

2. How can I alter / change / add to my list?
We will send you a copy of your gift list for approval following your visit. Any major amends can be made at this point, before it is finalised and circulated to your guests. You can contact us at any time after the list has been finalised to make any tweaks, but we won’t be able to alter lists that have been independently circulated to guests or be able to do anything about gifts that may have been purchased by guests prior to notification of your desired changes. 

3. What happens when someone purchases something from my list?
When a gift has been purchased it will be marked off / removed from the master copy of the gift list that we hold for you. This will ensure that no other guest purchases it.

4. What do I do about delivery / receipt of the gifts? 
We will discuss your preferences with regards to receipt of your items, either when you visit to create your gift list, or nearer your wedding day, should you require a bit more time to decide. We can work around you – by arranging delivery of the items or assisting with collection if you’d prefer.

5. Can my guests purchase gift vouchers?
Most couples like to offer vouchers as an option on their gift list – they’re great for your own spending spree after the event, for putting towards bigger items, or to have as a substitute for other gifts on your list that become unavailable / out of stock. 

6. How do I inform my guests that I have a gift list with Trevena Cross Nurseries?
This information is normally included with the wedding invitation – you can notify your guests that your gift list is being held by us and/or circulate your finalised list as you wish, to your guests. 

7. Are there any restrictions regarding what can go on my list?
No, take your pick from anything and everything at Trevena Cross Nurseries – including many exclusive, new varieties of plant that you won’t find elsewhere, garden sundries galore and an extensive, eclectic mix of gifts and homeware items.

8. How can guests shop?
Guests are welcome to visit us any time during our opening hours, or if they live afar/ would prefer, they can call us on 01736 763880, email us at or even find us on Twitter and Facebook!

9. Do guests have to pay for delivery?
Neither you nor your guests will have to pay for the delivery of your gifts. The only exceptions may be when delivery is to an address out of the county/southwest, or where multiple deliveries are required. We will let you know if this applies to you however, when we go through your details upon creation of your gift list.

10. Does it cost to anything to have a gift list with Trevena Cross? 
No, it’s completely free to set up and use the gift list service with Trevena Cross Nurseries.

11. How will we know what’s been bought for us?
When a gift has been purchased by one of your guests, we will ensure that their details and any gift message accompany this gift when it’s delivered to you. If you prefer that guests take their gifts away with them, we will simply keep a note of who has bought what. Should you wish to track what has been bought etc before receipt of your gifts, just contact us for an up-to-date summary.

12. When will our gifts be delivered?
Your gifts will be delivered on a date that has been pre-agreed with you. Alternatively you can collect your gifts or receive them from your guests personally, on or around your wedding day. 

13. What’s your policy with regards to the return of items?
We hope that you’ll be satisfied with all of your gifts and want to keep them! In the event that you would like to return any item, we’ll be happy to offer you a credit note for the total, assuming it is returned within a reasonable period of time from receipt of the gift. If you consider any of your items to have arrived in an unsatisfactory condition, we will look to replace or exchange it/them, and in the rare event that we have no more in stock, will be happy to discuss a suitable substitute, or a refund.

Contact us with any other questions, or to start the ball rolling on your own Trevena Cross Gift List!