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"Remineralise your soil with Rockdust"

Remineralise your soil with Rockdust

SEERS Rockdust

Remineralise your soil with ground volcanic rock ...more than 420 million years old!

The Facts:

  • Rockdust is 420 million year old volcanic rock, finely crushed to release a wide range of minerals and trace elements
  • Exceptionally fertile and productive, it boosts organic fertility of the soil and compost to grow higher yields of healthier fruit, veg, flowers, trees etc…
  • Rockdust can help increase worm populations, microbial activity, nitrogen fixing, and composting speed
  • It can also be used as a top dressing that can be applied at any time of year, to promote growth and vigour

Who's it for?

Rockdust should be used by anyone who wants to improve the fertility of their soil (so just about everyone!) in order to grow healthier plants and crops. As great on a giant orchard as in a small herb window box, Rockdust really is the answer to mineral rich soil, and importantly, mineral rich crops. Allotment holders, fruit and veg growers... anyone dabbling with growing their own food, will be blown away by the results of Rockdust. 

What is the recommended dosage?

Minimum annual dose: 0.5kg per square metre
Optimum annual dose: 2kg per square metre in first year (and then 1kg int the following years)
Maximum annual dose:
5kg per square metre (for beneficial effects of up to 5yrs)

How can I purchase it?

Rockdust is available in the shop at Trevena Cross Nurseries, with accompanying information leaflets, and can be found in the following:

450g cartons: £3.49 (great for window boxes/pots etc)
20kg bags: £9.99
1 tonne bags: £198.00 delivered to your door (for large areas and intense application)

We are the only garden centre stockist of Rockdust in West Cornwall!

Read about garden centre owner, Graham's own personal experience of using Rockdust here!