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"Talented local artist, Rachel Jeffery..."

Talented local artist, Rachel Jeffery...

"Her work - inspiring, intriguing and sensitive "

Her work - inspiring, intriguing and sensitive

"The Cornish landscape provides inspiration..."

The Cornish landscape provides inspiration...

"Rachel encourages some ambiguity in her work..."

Rachel encourages some ambiguity in her work...

Rachel Jeffery

Rachel, as well as being a partner of Trevena Cross Nurseries, along with her husband Graham and mother-in-law Pam, is a talented artist.

Her work, described as ‘inspiring’, ‘intriguing’ and ‘sensitive’ at art exhibitions aims to capture the atmosphere of the environment and the density and openness of nature.

Since moving to Cornwall Rachel has found the drama of the sea and the Cornish landscape an endless source of inspiration for her work.

Intrigued by the way one person can interpret an image so differently from another person; Rachel encourages a certain amount of ambiguity in her work.

Visit Rachel Jeffery's website here.